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Hello, I'm Tanvir Ahmed Remon,I'm thrilled to introduce myself as a passionate Web Developer at Expert Solution Agency, where I specialize in Web Development & Web Designer. A passionate frontend web developer with a strong desire to craft engaging and intuitive user experiences. My journey into web development began with a curiosity about how websites work, and it quickly evolved into a full-fledged career. I thrive on turning ideas and designs into functional, visually appealing, and interactive websites. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the ever-evolving digital landscape and create meaningful connections with users through my work.

Work Experience

It's been an incredible journey over the past 4 years, I'm sharing my experiences in Front-end Web Development with all of you. I have built a successful freelancing career across various marketplaces, collaborating with numerous companies on a wide range of projects. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results and a dedication to client satisfaction. I'm eager to take on new challenges, collaborate with inspiring individuals, and make a positive impact through my work.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering | University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh | Graduated: 2022

Relevant Coursework: Web Development, User Interface Design, Algorithms, Data Structures


  • E-commerce Website Revamp | Collaborated with a team to redesign and enhance the user interface of an existing e-commerce platform. Implemented product catalog browsing, user authentication, and a streamlined checkout process. Technologies used: React, CSS Grid, RESTful APIs.
  • Personal Portfolio Website | Developed a personal portfolio website to showcase projects, skills, and achievements. Designed a responsive layout using CSS Flexbox and included animations to highlight key information. Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Chatting App | Created a chatting application that allows users to sign in then add friend and chatting, also create group, remove friend, block user many more  Technologies used: React, Firebase.

Employment history

Web Developer | Expert Solution Agency | Pabna - Bangladesh | Feb/2020 - Present

As a Web developer of Expert Solution Agency, a distinguished Digital Marketing Agency, I have been the driving force behind our growth, innovation, and exceptional success. My unwavering passion for digital marketing and visionary leadership have shaped our agency's trajectory, ensuring unparalleled services that consistently deliver tangible results for our esteemed clientele. 

My Skills & Expertise

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Java Script
  • React
  • Redux
  • Next.JS
  • Express.JS
  • Firebase
  • Node.JS
  • MongoDB
  • GitHub
  • UI/UX
  • Figma
  • WordPress
  • Shopify

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